Japanese Document Review Services Staffing & Translation

Looking for bilingual Japanese document reviewers? A Japan-based review is your solution! Honyaku Corporation’s experienced native Japanese legal reviewers offer expertise you won’t find overseas, for a much lower price. Ask us for a free estimate today!

About Honyaku Corporation's Reviewers

Native Japanese
  • Nobody can understand expressions unique to Japanese and accurately discern what vague sentences are referring to like a native Japanese speaker.
Legal Background
  • We have a large number of experienced reviewers with Japanese law degrees.

Why Honyaku Corporation?

  • We are one of the only companies in Japan offering a document review service.
  • Our vast bank of knowledge and data, amassed through over 40 years of work in the translation industry, makes it possible to offer review and translation services in a wide range of fields.
Timely English Translation
  • As a translation company, we can provide on-demand translations of local documents in Japanese and a wide range of other languages.
  • Our comprehensive review and translation service produces translations reflecting an overall understanding of the case.
  • With a large number of bilingual staff with legal backgrounds, we can provide review services at a much lower cost than the equivalent service in the USA.
  • No machine translation or human translation is required prior to the review, dramatically reducing costs.

Honyaku Corporation's One-Stop Service

We provide a one-stop service with all the review and review management services you need, from personnel provision to labor management, security control, training and even translation. In addition to dramatically reducing costs, our unique reviewer provision system allows for maximum flexibility by increasing or decreasing the size of review teams in response to changes in circumstances, such as a sudden change in workload or deadline.

Benefits of Our Service

  • We make advance budgeting easy by giving free estimates and providing services to suit your price range.
  • Our review service has an extensive record, with assigned review teams ranging in size from five to around fifty.
  • We handle all labor management, saving you the stress of dealing with Japan's unique systems.
  • We will increase or decrease the size of your review team if circumstances such as workload or deadline change during the project.
  • Our service is highly regarded with a steady client flow and a large amount of repeat business.

Inquiries and Free Estimates

Feel free to ask about anything you're not sure of. All estimates are free.
Inquiries and estimates are strictly confidential.

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